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security services

about us

Special Services is a Firm which was formed in accordance with the rules of the Minister of the interior from 22 August 1997 y about the protection of  persons and property. We act on the strength licence.

Main tasks Special Services:

- The provision of services in a range of the protection of persons (so- called: Very Important Persons), protection of motor transports and shipments and preparing of schemes for protection of buildings and events as well as the protection of rock bands.

We work in a specialized field of protection offering short and long term protection of persons in this country as well as overseas.

We offer our customers:

- protection during business and leisure trips,

- protection during meetings and business appointments,

- protection during sleep, rest and socialising.

- protection of small and medium-sized events, occasional parties, integration trips, closed meetings.

We are a company in the security trade, but we also provide detective and legal services. At the client's request, we conduct an audit of physical and technical security.

We speak Polish and English.

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